Wordle 259 Answers, March 5, 2022: Knowing the Meaning of Words

Wordle, owned by the New York Times, is part of everyone’s morning tea. For puzzle and word game enthusiasts, the day begins with this game.
What is Wordle?
Wordle allows you to guess the five-letter word in the maze box six times. The game tells you if you are right or wrong, and how far you are from finding the right answer. When you insert the correct alphabet in the correct position, the box turns green. The green proves that you are heading in the right direction.
However, if you can guess the alphabet that is the correct answer but in the wrong position, the box containing that letter will turn yellow. However, incorrect alphabets that are not part of today’s answer will be black.
Wordle 259 Answer on March 5, 2022
We are confident that you will seize your chance in the field and be excellent. Anyway, congratulations!
Let’s chase. Wordle’s answer today is BRINE. The word brine means a type of water that is high in salt. It is commonly used to store food.
Wait, don’t leave yet. Come to Wordle 260 tomorrow.


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