tiktok: TikTok has a “10 minute plan” to use Google’s YouTube

Ticktaku Announced to extend the maximum length of video on the platform to 10 minutes. Analysts see the Chinese giant trying to undertake this move. GoogleVideo platform YouTube.. This is the biggest increase in video length TikTok has ever announced. Last July, the company extended the maximum video length to 3 minutes. According to social media consultant and analyst Matt Navarra, some users were provided with news about updates as in-app notifications. He also said that TikTok has been testing 3 and 5 minute upload limits with creators for some time.
With the length of the new upload, it’s worth noting that TikTok isn’t just about competing Instagram reel, But it will also be comparable to YouTube. For those who don’t know, the longer the video, the easier it is to monetize and stay on the platform longer. Matt Navarra suggests that TikTok can be done in a long, content-only home within the app. This is because short ones, which people are accustomed to scrolling at high speeds, do not fit well into vertical feeds.
When released in 2016, TikTok only allowed users to upload videos up to 15 seconds long. Since then, the length limit has been raised to a maximum of 60 seconds, attracting more creators to the platform.
As announced earlier this month by TikTok, we’re also working on ways to rate and limit content by age on the platform. By doing this, the company wants to prevent adult content from reaching teenage users. The platform has revealed that it is testing ways to limit adult content from reaching accounts that belong to younger users.
Social media platforms are closely monitored for policies regarding the well-being and safety of young users. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others have also introduced some new features to keep young users secure on the platform.


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