Test builds of Windows 11 introduce new security features and design tweaks

Microsoft Has launched a new security feature that claims to keep users safe from potentially dangerous apps.Safety features are part of Windows 11 Build 22567 with some design improvements. Technology giants call the new safety feature Smart App Control (SAC). This is very similar to the SmartScreen feature in. Windows 10.10.
Windows 11 Smart App Control Security Features Features
As Microsoft explains in its blog, Smart App Control (SAC) blocks untrusted or potentially dangerous applications. SAC is initially configured in evaluation mode. While SAC is in rating mode, SAC will learn if it helps protect you out of the way too much. In that case, it will turn on automatically. Otherwise, it will turn off automatically.In rating mode, the user is a Windows security app[アプリとブラウザーの制御]You can manually turn on SAC in the section. Please note that SAC can only be enabled on Windows devices that have performed a clean install with the latest Insider Preview build (build 22567 and above).
What are the other new features of Windows 11 update
With the new update, the company is in line with the Windows 11 design theme[プログラムから開く]I also updated the dialog box. The updated dialog box will follow the light / dark theme you have selected for your PC. Microsoft has also simplified the experience by allowing you to update the default app with a single click.
Separately, voice input capabilities that download SpeechPacks from the Microsoft Store for device-based speech recognition to improve speech-to-character conversion performance are now available to all DevChannel insiders.


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