Steam Pass: Valve Boss Tips on the Potential of Steam’s Microsoft Game Pass

Valve Boss Tips on the Potential of Steam’s Microsoft Game Pass

Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve CorpOwns the PC gaming platform Steam, Microsoft Game pass A subscription service to the Steam platform, according to a PC Gamer report. According to Newell, Steam could get its own Steam to pass Slim and affiliated Microsoft Instead of bringing the game pass to Steam, Valve can consider it.
“I don’t think we need to do it ourselves to build a subscription service at this point,” Newell said. “But it’s clearly a popular option for our customers, and we’re happy to work with them to make it happen on Steam.”
When it comes to game subscription services, Valve has been offering EA Play services since 2020, so it’s no wonder adding game subscription services to the platform.

Microsoft PC game pass PC games and Xbox Game Pass For Xbox games. If you need both, Game Pass Ultimate Subscriptions bundle them. Subscription services give gamers access to all games offered by the service for a monthly fee. Similarly, if you are subscribing to the PC Game Pass for the first time, you will receive a membership for the first 8 months for Rs 489 per month. Currently, you can access 100 PC games with your PC Game Pass. Also, your PC’s EA Play membership is included in your subscription at no additional charge.

In recent news, BethesdaOwned by Microsoft has decided to discontinue the launcher and transfer all games to Steam. However, Game Pass will continue to run from its own app. We need to wait for further development between Valve and Microsoft.



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