Rural school students were much late due to Covid


The learning graphs of students studying in rural schools have declined to unprecedented levels due to the long-term closure of schools due to Covid’s pandemic. The effect was like a student studying in a rural school forgetting to read or write. This is the biggest challenge facing the local education community.

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Education timeUmakant Kumar, Principal of UMS Kharihara Urdu (Boy) School in the Banka district of Bihar, said: The slight improvements that the students showed before the pandemic occurred have completely disappeared. The various classes of syllabuses have not been completed, and the challenges we face are increasing. Little was known to the students because of the long gaps in research caused by the pandemic. Currently, when the school is reopened, we are helping students readjust to the school culture and working on ways to fill in learning deficiencies. Since the school was closed and I couldn’t teach anything, completing a year’s syllabus in just one month would be a daunting task. ”


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“Most importantly, our school students already had literacy deficiencies, which is further emphasized by Covid. Most students have been textbooks since we entered school. Realizing that they can’t read at all, teachers are forced to teach students from elementary school level. In addition, they try to learn how to read by having them read poems aloud in the classroom. We require students to write daily calligraphy in English, Hindi and Urdu, which is regularly checked by teachers to help them track their progress. In class, students I try to read as much as I can, which helps improve my reading ability, “says Kumar. “The four teachers at our school had already taken online classes during the subsequent wave of Covid. In addition to this, we created Facebook and WhatsApp groups with students and over 300 people. Locals also attended these groups and encouraged students to attend all online classes, which is why almost all students attended the online classes we conducted in the Facebook group. We are also considering making online education part of the normal school education process. All households in our district have mobile phones, “Kumar adds.

Kashinath D Bhoir, Principal of the Maharashtra Military School in the town of Murbad in the Thane district, said: The writing speed is also significantly reduced. In addition to this, because of online classes, much research has become obsessed with playing games on mobile phones, which has also led to a weakening of their academic foundation. ”

“The lack of interaction with teachers and peers causes students to lose their emotional balance, which is also a source of academic loss. The basic idea of ​​students since they started school. In addition to this, many students could not study because they do not have a mobile phone because of online classes. We are currently the most important student language foundation. We are focusing on improving our work, ”Bhoir adds.


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