raja mahendra pratap: AMU City School was renamed after Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh


Agra: AMU Municipal School has been renamed Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh Aligarh Muslim University Municipal School. Varsity issued a notice on this point on Friday.

The late King Jart, a freedom fighter and social reformer, was a graduate of Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College, who donated land to various educational institutions and later became AMU. He rented 3.04 acres of land to the university to build a school in 1929.


Voting was successful

According to AMU authorities, the decision to change the name of the school was made in accordance with a resolution of the Executive Council held on March 22, 2021.

“The school was renamed in honor of renowned AMU graduate Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh and the President of the Provisional Government of India, who served as the Government of India in 1915 from Kabul during World War I. “It was,” said the statement. According to AMU authorities.

Professor Tariq Mansoor, Vice President of AMU, said: His name is counted as a prominent graduate of the university. His father and grandfather were near Syed Ahmad Khan, an educator and reformer.

By the way, the descendants of the late King Jat issued a legal notice to the university in 2018 when the land lease expired, but if AMU later named the school after Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh, the land would be a bar. It has been decided that it will be donated to the City, which will in turn return the land of Tikonia Park to the descendants of the deceased King.

In 2018, a controversy over the portrait of Mohammad Ali Jinna called for the installation of his portrait on campus. His family changed the name of the university and demanded that it be named after King Jat so that everyone, including students, could recognize his contribution to the university.

BJP leaders, including Aligarh MP Satish Gautam, have accused the university of not acknowledging the contribution of the home king to the AMU. To make up for this, in 2019, the state government’s cabinet approved a proposal to establish a new university in Aligarh, named after the Jat Freedom Fighter. The foundation of the state university was laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year.


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