pickrr Prediction: Pickrr launches another VAS, Pickrr Predict

Pickrr, a SaaS-based logistics startup, has announced the launch of another value-added service. Pickrr prediction..Product features are intended to provide predictive analytics to sellers as soon as an order is placed. Pickrr Helps reduce the percentage of significant risk associated with cash on delivery orders.
According to industry estimates, the probability that an order will be delivered is only 75%. There are several possible reasons why a cash on delivery order may not be received, including fraudulent orders, incorrect addresses, unavailable cash, delayed deliveries, and zone restrictions. This causes the seller to incur significant financial losses due to delivery failures and inventory. RTO To process.
According to the company, PickrrPredict has been integrated into the company’s all-in-one dashboard to neutralize the additional losses suffered by sellers. This feature uses aggregated data to evaluate over 30 orders, including the customer’s past online transactions, return history, high stress delivery zones, etc., calculate risk percentages, and alert for high-risk orders. We will continue shipping after you put it out. This helps sellers determine further processes for canceling, confirming, or editing order details.
“Cash on delivery failures are a major challenge for businesses. As industry leaders, we strive to provide solutions to problems that can make a big difference within the logistic ecosystem. PickrrPredict has already solved over 5,000 shipping issues. Sellers currently using this destructive service. ” Gaurav ManglaCEO, co-founder, Launch of Pickrr.


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