Microsoft: Windows 11 Wallpaper Sticker Feature Works As Follows

Microsoft: Windows 11 wallpaper sticker feature works as follows

Earlier this month we saw many reports revealing it Microsoft We are planning to develop wallpaper stickers for Windows 11 users. Stickers are said to provide a new way for users to personalize their PCs to their liking. At that time, I didn’t know how this feature would work. Twitter user Albacore, who discovered this feature, shared a video demonstrating a desktop background sticker.

According to the video, the option to add or change a desktop sticker is in the Settings app. Users can choose from a large number of stickers provided by the company. The video also shows that you can click on the sticker to move around the desktop and resize it according to your selection. Even if you change the wallpaper, the sticker will remain on your desktop. Therefore, if you want to remove the sticker, you need to remove it manually.

The stickers seem to be grouped according to a particular character. However, there is no specific way to exclude stickers. “With the new sticker editor, you can select, place and resize stickers as you like. You can access it from or by right-clicking on your desktop. I wrote Albacore in his Twitter post.

Currently, Windows 11 comes with a variety of features that users can access to customize the look of their PC. You can choose the accent color according to the application and wallpaper you use. It also comes with a transparency effect for an app called mica.

Microsoft is also reportedly planning a new email client under the Outlook brand. According to a previous report by Windows Latest, Microsoft’s project, codenamed “Project Monarch,” aims to build a cross-platform email app for users.

Currently, Windows 10 and Windows 11 come pre-installed with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) -based mail and calendar app. This app follows a Windows 10 style user interface and has restrictions. Therefore, most users prefer to use the Outlook desktop app or web app. According to a Windows Latest report, the company may deploy new Outlook apps under Project Monarch. The report further reveals that Microsoft may promote the new app as a restart of the Mail & Calendar app.



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