Microsoft: Microsoft completes $ 16 billion acquisition of Nuance, the company that once ran Apple Siri

Microsoft Completed an approximately $ 16 billion acquisition of voice recognition company Nuance. Announced last year, the deal will help Microsoft become more entrenched in the hospital and healthcare industry. NuanceWidely used medical dictation and transcriber tools. This acquisition is Microsoft’s second-largest acquisition after the $ 26 billion purchase of career networking services. LinkedIn In 2016.
Nuance’s artificial intelligence technology helped power AppleSiri Digital Voice Assistant was released on iPhone over 10 years ago. Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, the company has since focused on the customized use of Dragonline for doctors and other speech recognition tools.
Microsoft announced that it would acquire the company in April 2021, but faced a recession in December when it announced that UK antitrust regulators would begin investigating whether it would lead to “significantly eased competition” in the UK market. did. A British agency announced on Wednesday (March 2nd) that it had cleared the deal.
The merger was individually approved by regulatory agencies in late December. European Union, Britain left in 2020. The EU’s highest antitrust authorities said Microsoft and Nuance would “offer very different products” and continue to face fierce competition in their respective markets.
Microsoft has continued shopping this year and announced in January that it will spend nearly $ 70 billion to acquire Activision Blizzard, a video game maker.
Mark Benjamin will continue to be CEO of Nuance and will report to Scott Guthrie, Head of Cloud Computing and AI at Microsoft.
Microsoft’s stock, based in Redmond, Washington, fell slightly as the market sold out on Friday.


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