MBBS Fake Business Model: Less Fees or Fake Business Model Behind the Transition of Indian Medical Students?


New Delhi:

Every year, thousands of Indian medical students travel abroad to pursue medical education. China, Ukraine, the Philippines, and Russia are some of the most popular destinations where Indian students prefer to study medicine.

Ukraine, devastated by the war, ranks fourth in Europe for its highest number of graduate and graduate students. By 2020, 24% of international students were from India.


lack of medical seats

The lack of medical seats at public universities in India and the high rates of private medical colleges may be the main reasons behind the migration of Indians. However, some say that the fake business model of working with foreign universities in different countries is running in parallel, with agencies costing around 50,000 to 1 rupee per candidate. Originally from Maharashtra, Omkar Zilla is a third-year medical student at the National Medical University of Ivano-Frankivsk. Talking to IANS, he said his students prefer to come here because of their affordability.  However, I still get an MBBS degree six years after clearing MCI / NEET, “he said.


However, Omkar says there are no major differences between India and abroad when it comes to the parameters of quality of education. “We have to study 80 percent of our video lectures and books ourselves. This is almost like India. In actual research, there is no better option than India,” he says. .. “The most important thing is to get an MBBS degree here,” he told IANS.

On the contrary, Dr. Rohan Krishnan, President of the Indian Medical Association, said that the main reason for migration is not only the high fees of private medical colleges in India but also fake business in countries where many institutions are active. It states that it is. With universities in Ukraine, Russia, China, and the Philippines. “They are getting a good reduction of about Rs 50,000 to Rs 10,000 per candidate. Therefore, they mainly try to hack the youth mindset. They give these teens myths and parables. It shows a fun world and tells us that the quality of education is good, where they pass the Foreign Medical Graduate Exams conducted by the National Medical Commission (NMC) of the Government of India at once.


Dr. Krishnan said that this is just a day’s dream for most teens, as the passing rate of FMGE in India is only 5% and there is literally no guidance for this exam in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries. Claims to be.

“But education is cheap outside India, but training is not as good as in India. Most of them have no clinical experience and most Ukrainian patients do not allow Indians to see them. Training. Is so bad that the majority cannot even pass the FMGE exam. Agents are the happiest in the process of making money, “said Dr. Kabir Sardana, director, and dermatologist at RML Hospital.

There are only three options for getting a medical degree. One is that you need to pass NEET with a good score in order to enroll in a government medical college or a private medical college. The last option is to go abroad, which is also available at a lower price, says Dr. Ashtoshshkra, Senior Director of Internal Medicine at Max Hospital. He says this is what attracts Indian students, but they also need to pass the FMGE (Foreign Medicine Graduation Exam) to practice in India.

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