KV gives hospitalization to children who have lost their parents in Corona


PRAYAGRAJ: Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangthan (KVS) also for noble purposes when thousands of children across the country have lost their parents due to a pandemic and their compatriots have provided all support to such children with the government. Came out before.

At the direction of the central government, KVS has decided to admit such students nationwide under the PM CARES for Children scheme. These children can enroll in different classes depending on their age, and enrollment exceeds the strength of each class.


Voting was successful

In addition, these children will be educated free of charge in classes 1-12 and will be exempt from tuition, Vidyalya Vikas Nidhi (VVN) fees and more. Admission to this category is given by the relevant KV. About the recommendation of the district security judge of the district. DM is a rider with 2 students per class and can recommend up to 10 students per school. To implement the government’s decision, the admission guidelines for KVS, which currently operates more than 1200 strange schools nationwide along with three in foreign soils including Kathmandu, Tehran and Moscow, have been changed. The additional clause refers to giving hospitalization to such children who have lost both their parents or adoptive parents or legal guardians due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (Academic) of KVS has instructed all regional offices (ROs) to enroll under the PM CARES for Children Scheme. The letter states that the RO should instruct the local principal to coordinate with each DM so that such children are admitted to age-appropriate classes. ..

A list of 4058 eligible beneficiaries registered under the PM Cares Children scheme has been received from the Ministry of Education and the same has been sent to the RO and is now shared with the principal. Local staff will be appointed as node officers to coordinate with stakeholders to accept children under the scheme.

According to sources, there are about 12 children from Playagraj who are eligible to be hospitalized under the above system.

On this issue, B Dayal, Vice-Chairman of the Varanasi region, said: DM “.

DM, Prayagraj and Sanjay Kumar Khatri said: Which Playagraj administration will provide all the support it needs? ”


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