Key Digital Marketing Skills Recruiters Wanted in 42022





Key Digital Marketing Skills Recruiters Wanted in 42022

1994 was when the first clickable banner ad was published. Digital marketing has moved from a mere option strategy in advertising and marketing to a strategy that helps marketers and entrepreneurs drive their businesses. Brands cannot avoid without a digital marketing plan because of the technology-driven changes brought about in economies around the world.

In essence, digital marketing borrows its basic principles from traditional marketing playbooks. Like traditional marketing, digital marketing also involves communicating with individual consumers and understanding the types of content that resonate with them.


Below is a list of four digital marketing skills that recruiters will focus on this year.


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1. Data analysis

Data analysis may look like another domain, but it’s important that digital marketers have a basic understanding of how to make effective decisions. In addition, knowing query languages ​​such as SQL, the standard language used to store, manipulate, and retrieve data in databases, gives candidates an edge and makes them stand out with basic-level digital marketing skills. can do.

2. AI and machine learning

. Is being used by. Therefore, it is imperative that today’s digital marketers understand and leverage AI and machine learning to achieve more effective outreach.

3. Video production skills

Visual content is becoming a staple for all marketers. Sophisticated and stylish videos can quickly attract the attention of viewers and form an important part of digital marketing. With the advent of TikTok and Instagram Reels, a new ecosystem centered around video content has evolved, allowing businesses to leverage them according to their requirements. Many organizations hire agencies or develop in-house teams to create video content. Boot-strapped startups are also looking for digital marketing professionals who can double as video creators. Creating a video has many elements, such as understanding social media platforms, researching content, and working with editing software such as Premier Pro. Key Digital Marketing Skills Recruiters Once mastered, candidates will stand out in the skill set.

4. Empathy

In essence, empathy allows marketers to understand from the consumer’s point of view. Digital marketers with this attribute can create their own campaigns to build a connection between a brand and its target audience.

This will allow candidates to improve their employability and acquire the skills to shine in today’s competitive employment market.


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