Karnataka: Experts focus on school infrastructure and praise the lack of NEP funding


Bangalore: The day after Prime Minister Basabaraj Bonmai presented his first budget, educators and professionals appreciated the decision to support public school infrastructure development. But they feel they could do more.

Friday’s commercial announced spending on Rs 31,980 Chlore for education. This is an increase from Rs 29,688 Chlore in 2021. Of these, Rs 500 Chlore is allocated for infrastructure development in public schools throughout the state.


Voting was successful

Basabaraju R Schlesta, Executive Director of the Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement (GRAAM), told STOI: However, educators added that the increase in quotas is not significant in the absolute sense. “We still spend only about 2 percent of the state’s GDP on education. Karnataka should aim for spending on par with developed countries, and we need to be aware of inflation — expected to be 4.5 percent. Developed countries spend about 5 percent of their GDP on education, “Shreshta said.

Grumercy Casinasan, a teacher educator and member of the National Union on Educational Emergency, said the Union called for a significant increase in investment in education to close the gap created by the two-year pandemic. However, the expansion of focus on schools seems to be lacking within the budget. “This can affect recovery from a pandemic, affect student learning, and increase the number of dropouts,” he warned.

He praised the government’s proposal to develop a Bangalore public school and provide coaching to NEET in all talc to help poor students. However, he proposes state-level entrance exams for medical education as in engineering, and the government has the results of class 12 public exams for admission to help students from rural and marginal groups. Should be allowed.

Professor Sadashivegowda, Principal of the Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, said: It is also commendable to provide JEE, NEET, UPSC and KPSC coaching to talc level students.


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