Increased gender diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace

Increased gender diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace

Diversity is not a new topic for India

Our national anthem proudly represents the beauty of national diversity. Our festivals, food, fashion, language, and religion all uniquely show the richness of heritage deeply rooted in diversity and inclusion, tolerance, and acceptance. not yet, Corporate India We are struggling to identify ourselves as a thriving and diverse ecosystem and need special programs and teams to promote a culture of inclusion in order to explore and expand our diversity efforts.

In learning about this space, the notable concepts for me were about underestimation, social justice, and privileges. This urban legend has lasted for decades by strengthening these models of gender-accepted professions of social norms.

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Working from home challenged many mental models of workplace design, role requirements, and employee engagement mechanisms. Leaders and HR departments are encouraged to reinvent work methods to accommodate people in need of different accommodations and only raise the bar for performance to provide such flexibility. I learned. This new wisdom has made it a requirement to provide potential candidates with a progressive, safe, employee-centric environment. Raise the level of access and involvement of members of undervalued and marginalized communities around the world to uphold a comprehensive and impartial experience for all employees and candidates. The focus has shifted from hiring diverse employee groups to how organizations can truly engage in these groups and provide fair opportunities for professional success and progress.

This pivot was not easy and required a large investment from the organization. This can range from providing unique and more comprehensive benefits, including healthcare and insurance, to supporting employees at accommodations, investing in workplace accessibility, and job audits. This part was tedious but easy. It was structural. The next step for most organizations is a cultural shift around inclusion, which is especially difficult. Habit formation and habit change require time, patience, and most importantly, an overwhelming desire to change.


In addition, diverse workplaces also add to the financial success of the country. According to a McKinsey & Company report, global GDP will increase by $ 28 trillion as companies increase gender diversity and inclusiveness. Potential candidates want to work for a leading company. They value meaningful work that has a positive impact on society while advancing the organization’s long-term goals.

Swati Rustagi, Director, DE & I, International Market, WW consumer, Amazon


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