IELTS: Posts 10-15% of Covid Spikes For IELTS Volumes.This Is The Reason

IELTS: Posts 10-15% of Covid Spikes for IELTS volumes

According to a recent report, IELTS coaching is among the top three most searched educational services in India. There seems to be a sudden increase in interest among Indians seeking academic and professional opportunities abroad.

According to a Just Dial report, IELTS coaching searches increased by 83% in 1000 towns and cities across the country, before computer training institutes and oral English classes were searched. The maximum demand for IELTS coaching and tutorials is generated from Punjab. Searches in the four cities of Punjab (Amritsar, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, and Ludhiana) are 30% higher than those produced in Delhi, followed by Ahmedabad at the top of the demand list. Hyderabad says in the city of Tier I




The surge in demand for IELTS coaching suggests that the number of Indian students seeking admission to foreign universities in 2021 has returned almost to the previous level after a significant 45% decline in 2020 due to the pandemic. It is also consistent with government data. COVID data.

Increasing demand

Piyush Kumar, Regional Director of IDP Education (South Asia), said: scenario. The total amount of IELTS in India has increased by 10-15% compared to the data from Covid-19 days ago. ”

In addition, test coaching demand has increased by 56% in Tier-II cities compared to Tier I cities. Kumar believes this is due to the increasing number of overseas counseling services in small towns and cities. “This depends entirely on the population that spreads entirely in the village, but students’ interest in studying abroad is growing in smaller cities and towns. Recently, in order to meet the growing demand, we have moved to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. We have opened 23 omnichannel offices (study abroad counseling services). Currently, tests are being conducted in 74 locations in India, and we plan to expand our presence in more test centers as demand increases. “I do,” he adds.

Rising coaching

Early students planned to study abroad after the PG, but the trend changed dramatically as applicants began the process shortly after school. Cities may need more specific guidance, “says Bharath Arvind, Head of Overseas Education Counseling Services at Yocket.

Faster results

“The increase in test takers may also be due to the fact that students are choosing countries other than the United States, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe, where IELTS acceptance rates are higher than TOEFL and other tests,” Arvind says. She points out the fact that more and more people are applying for PR (Permanent Resident Visa) and applying for express entry into countries such as Canada. This also requires an IELTS general exam.

Same format

Despite the continuous pandemic wave, most of the question patterns remain the same. However, online testing is no longer available. Currently, there are no changes to the question pattern and test mode. Exams are available in both paper-based and computer-delivered formats. There are four parts to the test-listening, reading, writing, and speaking, both of which remain the same, Kumar adds.

Test drive

I’ve tried both a paper-based format (Hyderabad) and a computer-based test (Bangalore), but I’ve found the latter to be easier because it doesn’t take long to fix the mistakes on the screen. I did. Scores will help you apply for an MBA program in the United States and Canada.

When I got an IELTS while I got a master’s degree in international business in the UK, the listening section was hard. However, by practicing, my score went up. I took an online course, watched YouTube, and improved my preparation skills.

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