Hybrid education is unrealistic: Public schools say hybrid education is unrealistic

The Unaided Schools Forum (USF) is a school association throughout Maharashtra, with all of the most famous CBSE schools under its belt. USF Honorary Secretary Subhash Chandra Kedia said it is impractical to teach both online and offline, called hybrid models.


“If a teacher is taking a physical class, internet connectivity, audio quality, etc. are beyond her control and can be distracting,” says Kedia. He quoted the example of Mumbai.  He added that online would be redundant if full-time schools started this week, as they did before Covid.

“When we’re talking about full-time schools, there’s no need for online classes. Attendance is steadily increasing everywhere, indicating that even parents want to send their children back to school. “Masu,” said Kedia.


In the past few months, the TOI has reported that the school has stopped online class options after resuming in physical mode. You must continue both online and offline, following the order of the state government that remains in force.

“The online class system is highly dependent on the type of infrastructure at home (phone, net speed, recharge funding, etc.). Even in schools where online is available, students are sitting in front of the screen. I don’t have good academic performance because it’s just that, “Gavhankar added.

Mr. Kadia said it would be okay for schools to promote offline classes. “Students’ academic and emotional well-being is best-taken care of in offline settings. The pandemic has already hit scholars hard, and all stakeholders are now suffering more from their children. We must make coordinated efforts to ensure that we are not, “he added.

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