hdmc: UK educated company uses social media to resolve plaintiffs


HUBBALLI: They haven’t been pledged yet, and the companies elected to the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) are currently planning when they are enjoying their long leisure time or are officially responsible. However, the 29-year-old first entrepreneur took his plans one step further by working within limits to improve HDMC Ward 48.

After earning a master’s degree from Leeds University in the United Kingdom, Kishan Belagabi enrolled in a two-month course on business strategy and consulting at the Business School of Imperial College London, which is open to the public via social media. , And are trying to solve their problems by calling HDMC staff and getting their attention. She is eager to keep informed local voters about the work being done in the ward. From filling potholes to removing unscientific speed breakers, Kishan has done what he can to make the lives of people in his ward easier. Road photos uploaded before and after the fix will be uploaded to Facebook and WhatsApp to help both Kishan and the public track their work.


Voting was successful

Emphasizing the lack of administrative experience, the orientation program suggested that a political green horn like himself would help to understand the functioning of the bureaucracy. “We need to better understand how HDMC works and the number of departments of citizenship. I am currently in Karnataka City to better understand the legislation to serve people. I am studying Corporate (KMC) Law. I also visit HDMC’s Zone Office (Zone 5) and meet with Assistant Commissioner Ken Babi on a regular basis. HDMC staff and staff are very supportive. “I did,” Kishan told TOI. In a regular update of his activity on social media, Kishan revealed that it was not a public relations activity. “I’m accountable to the general public, so I keep telling them what’s going on. In fact, after winning the HDMC poll, I didn’t post anything for a month. “I did,” he added.

Kishan cannot start working on a new project because it has not yet been officially pledged. However, he is busy listening to residents’ concerns about existing infrastructure and ensuring that they are relayed to HDMC staff. “HDMC Commissioner Gopal Krishna also provided guidance on what can be achieved in the current situation,” he said.

Kishan, co-founder of WeWia, a factory engaged in the manufacture of furniture, divides his time evenly between public and professional roles.

BC Boudar’s councilor, a professor at Adarsh ​​PU Science College, praises Kishan’s work. “Qishan visits all the colonies in the ward and holds rallies. He opens an office to hear the dissatisfaction of the inhabitants and works for our benefit. We are a company. Hopes to transform our ward into a model for the rest of the twin cities, “Goudar said.


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