From a French undergraduate to joining the prestigious list of Forbes Asia under the age of 30, study at Rennes SB and choose to succeed across borders



the prestigious list of Forbes Asia under the age of 30, study at Rennes SB and choose to succeed across borders

With more than 350,000 international students annually, France is a major learning hub. Previously not a preferred option for Indian students, it is gaining momentum among future students, but most are master’s programs. However, more and more students and parents are considering the country early on because of its academic offering of excellence, a wide variety of programs in the English language of instruction, reasonable tuition fees, and a safe environment. I am. So why did she choose UG at the Rennes Business School in France?


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Speaking French is not mandatory, but Anushka has clearly been a choice for many years, a relaxed and dynamic environment that a small city like Rennes can offer to a big city like Paris. I was enjoying it.


Practical learning:

Anushka ranked first at the German Chamber of Commerce in India in Pune, and in the second year, he founded the company with the help of the school’s incubator support. She was able to do an internship at her own venture.

Students are also currently encouraged to join student associations such as Rajas in Nagpur.

From the first few months at Renne SB, he joined the Mechanical Sports Association and raised a record € 35,000 a day by selling an F1 short ride at the iconic Le Man’s circuit in a 24-hour challenge. Contributed to the campaign. All students in the second year of the program are required to provide results to NGOs. This not only gives you the practice of what you have learned but also gives you confidence and professionalism.


Excellent cost/quality ratio:

Unlike many English-speaking countries, like India, the Bachelor of Business Administration is three years long in France. But in addition to that, schools like Rennes Business School are not for profit and offer reasonable tuition despite the world’s top rankings.

The cost of living is reasonable (average 6.5 rupees/year), half cheaper than Paris, and a more relaxed and highly dynamic environment. Rennes was already on the subway in 2002 and was only six months old. After Delhi! national students: public health ranked among the best in the world is available free of charge. Students under the age of 28 can also use accommodation expenses equivalent to 30% of the monthly rent.


More international:

more than ever, the world belongs to the open mind, so choose parents, students, France, and Rennes Business School. To find out more about the Bachelor of Business Administration at Renne Business School Alternatively, please contact the Indian Representative Office in Bangalore: +918447153796



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