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Have you ever wondered what will happen to you? Facebook account What if you die? good, Facebook You have the option to specify a “legacy contact” to manage your memorial account or permanently remove your account from Facebook. For users who did not choose to permanently delete their account, it will be commemorated if Facebook recognizes their passage.
What is a commemorative account?
A memorial account is a place where friends and family can get together to share memories and pour love after a person’s death. So how do you understand if your account is commemorated? The memorial account has the word “remember” next to the name of the deceased individual.
Share memories and make friends
Yes, friends can share their memories on the deceased’s timeline, depending on his / her privacy settings. In addition, the memorial profile will not pop up in suggestions to anyone you know, ads of any kind or birthday reminders. However, you will not be able to log in to a memorial account that does not have traditional contacts added. Profiles without traditional contacts cannot be modified.
How do I delete my account when I die?
Individuals can choose to delete their account when they die. After a person dies and someone notifies Facebook about the death, all messages, photos, posts, comments, reactions, and information will be instantly and permanently removed from Facebook.
How do I request the deletion of my account?
1) Click the down icon in the upper right corner of Facebook.
2) Select Settings and Privacy Options and click Settings.
3) Then click on Memorial Settings
4) Scroll down and click the option “Request account deletion after death” and finally click “Delete after death”.


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