Apple: Apple warns US lawmakers about the dangers of “sideloading”: what exactly is sideloading an app?

New Delhi: Apple Wrote a letter to lawmakers to disagree with allegations of concern about the dangers of App sideloading I’m blown away by the phone. Congress is currently considering a bill aimed at reigning in an app store run by Apple and Alphabet. Google, This requires the company to allow sideloading. Apple claims that such practices pose a security risk, as Apple has tight control over apps in the store to keep users safe.
What is app sideloading?
Sideloading allows users to download and install apps directly from the open internet to their smartphones. This means that users can download and install apps from online marketplaces that are not authorized by the device manufacturer. These third-party app stores allow users to download apps that aren’t available on the Google Play store in their apps. Android device. Apple doesn’t allow users to download apps from third-party app stores, but Google allows Android users to sideload apps. However, Google also warns users not to use apps from third-party app stores for security reasons. Security research firms have also warned Android users not to download apps from locations other than Google Play, Google’s official app store. Google and the App Store follow strict rules to scrutinize application malware. It’s unlikely that a third-party app store will go through the same rigorous process.
What Google says about downloading apps from other sources, that is, sideloading
* Downloading the app from unknown sources may endanger your mobile phone and personal information.
* Your mobile phone may be damaged or data may be lost.
* Your personal information may be harmed or hacked.


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