Ananya Bhattacharjee, InteriorMaata: Pandemics and blockades have helped people understand the importance of beautiful homes.

Anana Batacharji In 2017, on her first YouTube channel, she began her journey as an interior designer for Vadodara. Her business is on track and her sudden exacerbation is due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She took this opportunity to rethink her business, restructure it into virtual operations, and take advantage of her. YouTube channel Interior Maata to connect with her customers. She served more than 80 clients in the studio using only YouTube videos to share her work with her customers in her first year of launching her own channel. Claims to have provided.In just a few days International womenIn 2022, TOI Tech-Gadgets Now told Annanya about her journey and learning as a content creator on YouTube.
What is the main focus of your channel?
I want to make it easier to learn interior design.
What triggered the beginning of your channel and the support you received from YouTube?
I started the YouTube channel at the worst of my life. I was experiencing depression and low self-esteem. To be honest, when you ask a lot of questions in your life, it’s a useless stage. But at that time, I started the YouTube channel using my husband’s old camera and a laptop five years ago. And I’m here today.
I am today thanks to YouTube. My YouTube channel not only helped my business grow, but also allowed designers to explore my creativity. Today I believe that I am a better designer and run two successful businesses.
How was your trip as a content creator for interior design?
No more would have been asked. When I started my journey, few other creators were developing similar content. What existed was from other parts of the world. But today you may find a great YouTube channel that is creating similar content like me. People are now more aware and aware of home decor than ever before. In addition, through pandemics and blockades, people realized the importance of beautiful homes.
How has the national content creation ecosystem evolved after the pandemic?
Short-format content is so popular that you don’t have to spend months on a single video, but instead you can only spend 30 minutes a day on content, which is itself a sustainable social media. You can create a career. YouTube shorts Definitely my favorite.
Do you have a message you would like to share with other female content creators on this Women’s Day?
Believe in yourself and never underestimate your inner power. You can do whatever you want by just believing in yourself and your work. And one day your story may inspire others as well.


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