AI or big data?The Government of Haryana is planning an Emerging Technology Institute and is seeking ideas from businesses


Gurgaon: The state government has proposed an emerging technology laboratory in Haryana to provide professional training in artificial intelligence, layered modeling, big data analysis, 3D printing, and encryption. This institute, which the government speculates, prepares young students to adapt to the following technologies and uses them to solve problems in our society.

On Saturday, the government met with a Gurgaon consultancy to discuss the institute’s concept and structure and asked to submit the institute’s concept paper by the end of March. At the meeting, authorities decided not to focus on providing diplomas and diplomas, but on developing professionals to help solve social problems. The institute will also have strong ties to the industry, apart from focusing on the research and development of new era technologies.


Voting was successful

Anand Mohan Saran, Secretary of State for Technology Education in Hariyana, said the state needs highly skilled and qualified professionals to take advantage of the latest technologies emerging around the world. Tokoro added that it would fill the gap. “To compete with the modern economy in knowledge and technology, we need to establish a modern self-governing body with the help of institutions of national and international reputation. Our institute is for national development. We will focus on developing quality professionals who will utilize emerging technologies, “said Saran, adding that the 2020-2021 budget first proposed such a laboratory. At the meeting, stakeholders such as the Technology Education Department, the State Education, Research and Training Council (SCERT), and the Deputy Secretary of Gurgaon discussed the infrastructure requirements of both physical and digital laboratories.

Saran said this is a greenfield project on unused land and the government wants to develop it as one of the best technology agencies in the world.

“After receiving the concept paper from the company, the department investigates and prepares a summary report shared with all stakeholders before taking further action in this regard,” he added.


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